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  • Yoga Wisdom aims to bring as best possible the full experience of yoga, physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic elements. Combining the breathing practices with the movements and including spiritual teachings and meditation, brings us to the full expression of our being, connecting us to the wholeness of our essence.

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  • Morning and evening classes, many different styles, many different approaches, to suit your lifestyle and compliment your life.

    Hatha Yoga for basics and alignment, Ashtanga Yoga for challenge, Aerial Yoga for play, Vinyasa Flow for joy, and Acro Yoga for trust and Kundalini for enlightening experience and all yoga for letting go.


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  • Aerial class schedule

    Monday 08:30 am
    Saturday 08:30 am
                  10:00 am
    Sunday 10:00 am

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  • Latest News

    Shamanism - the Path the White wolf

      Visits South Africa yearly and you can join her for soul retrievals, shamanic journeys and dancing next year again. It was a beautiful experience of shamanic learning. In yoga we often speak about remembering ourselves (smrit) and I learnt this weekend that when we have become fragmented, [...]

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    Improve your backbending

    The energy line running in the front of the body, up the front of the legs, the front of the torso into the tips of the fingers (soft side of the arms) needs to be open to create an effortless and comfortable backbend.            So here are a few tips to help increase the flexibility of [...]

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    Healing with Energy

    Energy healing has been a fascination and interest to me since being on my spiritual path. I explored it in the most well known way, doing a Reiki course 6 months after starting teaching yoga. It was an amazing journey, just learning the Reiki modality. It was perhaps merely the beginning of [...]

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