Vinyasa sequence for August

Start your own practice at home with repeating the easier flow sequence and building it up to the more intermediate sequence in time. Sequence for beginners to...

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Remove Negativity

Kundalini Yoga Removing negativity and tension, engage the neutral mind finding the wisdom beyond our resistances and attractions (RagaDvesha) Perfect to shift one from depression, anger, fatigue and stress. try to remember the strength in letting go. nothing burns...

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Shamanism – the Path the White wolf

Grandmother Robin Youngblood Visits South Africa yearly and you can join her for soul retrievals, shamanic journeys and dancing next year again. It was a beautiful experience of shamanic learning. In yoga we often speak about remembering ourselves (smrit) and I learnt...

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Healing with Energy

Energy healing has been a fascination and interest to me since being on my spiritual path. I explored it in the most well known way, doing a Reiki course 6 months after starting teaching yoga. It was an amazing journey, just learning the Reiki modality. It was perhaps...

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