• Our Teachers

  • Our teachers are very passionate about yoga, spiritual upliftment and alchemical transformation. They are passionate about their own spiritual growth and understanding the practice of yoga, continuing their journey and training with teachers local and abroad. They aim to bring the spirit of yoga to those who desire and to fill themselves and others with the joy that is shared by the practice.

  • Cheryl-Ann Scott

    Yoga styles: Classical Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga

    Yoga has enabled me to bring my love of dancing from my youth and my Spiritual studies together into a most meaningful and healing practice. I feel blessed to have found Yoga as  it has brought emotional stability and balance into my life and the physical benefits are never ending. Yoga is always there to  remind me that there is so much more to learn, experience and discover about oneself. It is my wish to help others to  also find their inner peace and healing through yoga.

  • Jeanette van Wyk

    Yoga styles: Classical Hatha Yoga (Ishta trained), Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga

    Urged into yoga teaching by her Sivananda teacher, Claudette Medefindt. Her official training was with Durgana Inglethorpe, Ishta Yoga, (integral Hatha Yoga) for 4 years. Her journey of learning continuous as she remains an eager student to all methods of yoga practice. Her journey started out of need for focus, confidence and to be released from doubt and insecurity. “It took me gently and firmly by the hand and hasn’t let go yet.”