Ease into shoulderstand

Are you feeling a tightness or tension in your neck when go into Sarvangasana, Shoulder Stand Pose. It is such a beautiful and beneficial pose, that you might be preventing it for fear of pain which can be remedied very quickly. The idea of shoulderstand is sometimes...

Lifting of the belly

“pulling belly into the spine” is a really good description of the movement we are seeking. I shall explain it in more details to find the finer nuances needed to execute this feeling and gain from its benefits. This lift includes lifting mula bandha, the pelvic floor...

Vinyasa sequence for August

Start your own practice at home with repeating the easier flow sequence and building it up to the more intermediate sequence in time. Sequence for beginners to intermediate

More Abdominals

Strengthen your abdominals with  Elbow to knee Ana Forrest has great focus on core strengthening, when we come from a place of core strength we are able to relax the hips and lower back. It is the first step to opening the upper back and lengthening the side of the...

Stabilisation of shoulders

Learning to lift the chest to create stability in your shoulders, aiding in arm balances and back bending. Stretching the shoulders with the lift creating the right alignment for the stretch and strengthening of the shoulders.

Backbending in Centurion

Deepen your backbend with deepening one's understanding of the body 12 December 2015 Saturday 12h00 - 15h00 This workshop continues the postural alignment and now looking into how to do easier and deeper backbends. Come and explore with us, be fascinated by the...

Improve your backbending

Open the hips and the shoulders The energy line running in the front of the body, up the front of the legs, the front of the torso into the tips of the fingers (soft side of the arms) needs to be open to create an effortless and comfortable backbend. So here are a few...

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