“Become a vibrational match with anything that makes your heart soar or makes your spirit sing because those things that make you feel good mean, that as you focus upon it you are releasing resistance and well being is yours. You knew this when you came forth, you know it from your non-physical perspective, it’s who you are, it’s what you know. There is only a source of wellness there is only a source of well-being, only goodness flows, there is not good and evil, there is only a stream of well-being that flows, which you allow or not allow. You never walk into a room and look for a dark switch, you know there is switch that will cause a darkness to come from some source, some big black blob somewhere, that brings darkness, you know that, you understand that you resist the light. All that illness is, is a pinching off of wellness, and all that confusion is, is a pinching off of clarity, and all that poverty is, is a pinching off of abundance, and all that feeling bad is, is a pinching off of feeling good”

– Abraham Hicks

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