Energy healing has been a fascination and interest to me since being on my spiritual path. I explored it in the most well known way, doing a Reiki course 6 months after starting teaching yoga. It was an amazing journey, just learning the Reiki modality. It was perhaps merely the beginning of something big in my life. The teacher (Karen) saw something in my solar plexus when we were studying seeing the aura. Then started the 21-day self healing, and I never again thought about what she saw, nothing happened. 2 years later I developed a stomach ulcer and realised that the 21-day self healing practice kept it at bay, but did not heal it completely. It was the first gentle knock to give me the message of let go, relax and love yourself. It definitely shifted me into a next level, allowing it to transform me to a gentler, less stressed being. I learnt that most people believe that diseases are permanent, manageable but permanent as I learnt that through change of consciousness, habitual pattern and energy healing I have found that disease can be completely healed not managed. Although Reiki brought me many gifts, I felt completely inadequate as an energy healer.

I ventured into Tai-Chi and touched on Qi-gong practice. With these practices I understood the energy flow within one’s body and energy system slightly better. I was fascinated with the sensation of energy in the hands and at times feeling the energetic movement in the body during yoga practice. When the Chi is moving in the body, the physical body moves spontaneously, which I observed with long-term practitioners of Tai-Chi.

The next step in my journey was Vipassana meditation, the practice of meditation as the Buddha taught. This awoken me to tremendous potential of awareness of sensation as a healing technique and the understanding that the habitual patterns can be irradicated merely through awareness of sensation. Then I met the healing modality of Sat Nam Rasayan, which was developed or given by Yogi Bhajan. Sat Nam Rasayan, meaning, Deep resting in the Divine Name, is an allowing and in the allowing the healing takes place.

My yoga practice took a turn towards understanding the depth of softening, releasing the tension and letting go in the postures. simultaneously learning channeling from Cheryl, I understood my need to let go and allow. Relax, let go and let be. This has maybe become my continuous theme throughout my teaching. Reading a book written by Estelle Roberts, I had been triggered to explore energy healing qi-gong movement style. I was surprised at moments where my body started to spontaneously moved from within. One client mentioned that it felt like she was being touched, and the healing method where my hands are more than 30cm away from the body. So I coined it Channeled healing. I have never studied Reconnective Healing by Eric Pearl, but this healing seems to resemble it in some ways.

I was then blessed with a gift from a friend (Paul), the correspondence dvd course of Quantum Touch. I immediately resonated with this method, it uses breathing to strengthen the flow of energy. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and practicing on myself during the dvd course. At the same time i was listening to Dolores Cannon, who does Quantum Healing Hypnosis and one morning it all came together as I healed my shoulder from past life with quantum touch. It was a very magical morning, tearful, but magical.

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