Chakra Balancing

On Chakra Balancing, Anodea Judith begins with a journey through each of the chakras, allowing listeners to discover their purpose, imbalances, and strengths, as well as learn how to fine-tune their energies for health and awakening. This essential kit offers a new road to internal and external balance.

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True Meditation with Adyashanti

Hardcover book with accompanying cd learning meditation

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What would happen if you were to allow everything to be exactly as it is? If you gave up the need for control, and instead embraced the whole of your experience in each moment that arose? In the 14 years that he studied Zen, Adyashanti found that most seasoned meditators had used the practice as “an end instead of a means to an end.” What he ultimately realized was that only when you let go of all techniques—even the concept of yourself as a meditator—will you open to the art of True Meditation, dwelling in the natural state. True Meditation invites you to join the growing number of seekers who have been touched by the wisdom of Adyashanti to learn:

  • How to make the “effortless effort” that will vivify the present moment
  • Meditative self-inquiry and “The Way of Subtraction”: how to ask a spiritually powerful question—and determine the real answer
  • Two guided meditations on CD intended to reveal what Adyashanti calls “your home as awareness itself”

“We’ve been taught that awakening is difficult,” explains Adyashanti, “that to wake up from the illusion of separation takes years. But all it really takes is a willingness to look into the depths of your experience here and now.” True Meditation gives you the opportunity to reclaim the original purpose of meditation—as a gateway to “the objectless freedom of being.”

Yoga Meditation Collection

with Beryl Bender Birch
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Yoga pioneer and bestselling author Beryl Bender Birch will guide you through her favorite meditation programs, helping you to relax, focus, and be more mindful of whatever you are doing—not just during yoga class or meditation, but throughout the day, every day. Based on principles from a variety of meditative traditions, Beryl’s guidance offers a practice for quieting and focusing your mind, gaining a greater awareness of your “self,” and connecting you with the present moment—where the true joys of life are lived.

Everyday Mindfulness, How to chant OM, Pranayama: conscious breathing, Japa Yoga, Chanting the Mantra Om, Tonglen: The practice of sending and receiving

Healing Mind system 2.0

1 hour to calm your swirling mind, open pathways to healing and empower deep emotional intelligence by Jeffrey Thompson
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“There is a particular state of consciousness where your body is most conducive to recuperation, relaxation, and revitalization. While in this state, your metabolism slows down, and your body’s resources are directed to relax, heal, and rebuild. Brain-mapping research and my experience with patients over many years has shown that this restorative state—the healing mind state—is associated with a very specific pattern of brainwave activity.”—Dr Jeffrey Thompson

Simply play this program in the background during other activities, or listen more attentively while practicing the visualization and meditation techniques included in the enclosed booklet.

Plum Village Meditations

With Monks and Nuns of Plum Villiage
Songs, chants and poetry from Plum village, France.
Yoga Wisdom’s price: R100.00

In the Vietnamese Zen tradition, mindfully chosen music and words can serve as soothing droplets to cool the heart. Recorded on location at Plum Village in France, Drops of Emptiness invites listeners into the sanctuary of this practice. These deeply felt works include the poetry of legendary Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese folk songs and Buddhist hymns of Sister Chân Không, and chants performed by the nuns and monks of Plum Village.

Drops of Emptiness is an opportunity to share in musical contemplations rarely heard outside the seclusion of this cherished Zen monastery. In English, French, and Vietnamese.

1 cd, 62 min. Samples here at Sounds True
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Plum Village Meditations

With Thich Nhat Han and Sister Jina van Hengel
Yoga wisdom Price: R90.00

When we listen to the meditation bell, teaches Thich Nhat Hanh, we calm our thoughts and restore ourselves. Plum Village Meditations brings you four authentic meditations just as they are taught at this celebrated Zen sanctuary and peace center in southern France.

These direct teachings from Plum Village include a 45-minute bell-sounding meditation introduced and rung by Thich Nhat Hanh, plus three additional guided meditations led by Sister Jina van Hengel: conscious breathing for calming the mind and cultivating joy; body appreciation and attunement practice; and transforming your anger into seeds of kindness.

An ideal support for a daily sitting practice, these meditations grow more fruitful each time you return to them. Digitally recorded live at Plum Village.

 1 cd, 90 min. more info from Soundstrue

the Inner Art of Meditation

with Jack Kornfield

Meditation is not a means of self-improvement. It is a way of discovering the truth and relating to it with compassion and honesty. Awaken to a richer spiritual life with The Inner Art of Meditation, a comprehensive six-CD study course about vipassana (or insight) meditation from Jack Kornfield. Of the two major schools of meditation, this is the one that teaches you the art of creating a foundation of awareness in your daily life. Zen monks draw from these same principles in their practice.

This is how to become fully mindful in your life—aware of your inseparability with all things and fully conscious that your actions in the moment create the patterns in your life. Distilled from a five-week workshop, this complete course offers more than seven hours of intensive, personal instruction from this respected meditation teacher and clinical psychologist.

6 CDs (465 minutes)
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Your Body Speaks your Mind

by Deb Shapiro

What Are Your Symptoms and Illnesses Telling You?

Our bodies are constantly sending us messages. Are you paying attention? On Your Body Speaks Your Mind, Deb Shapiro shows you how mastering the language of your symptoms will dramatically increase your potential for healing.

On this enlightening program, you will discover the intricate link between feelings and thoughts and specific parts of your body, and how unresolved psycho-emotional issues can affect your physical health. Your Body Speaks Your Mind guides you through your internal messaging system, including:

  • Steps you can take to heal your body with your mind, and vice versa
  • A top-to-bottom body scan so you can hear and respond to the messages from each of your physiological systems your mind, and vice versa
  • Talking with your body—a 25-minute guided practice that enables you to dialogue with your symptoms and illness

By learning the body’s language of symptoms, explains Deb Shapiro, you will actively engage in an intimate two-way communication that affects both your physical state and your mental and emotional health. With this original audio adaptation of her bestseller Your Body Speaks Your Mind, she shows you how to access this powerful dialogue to decode the priceless information your body is giving you.

3 CDs (187 minutes)
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Channeling Grace

By Caroline Myss

“Grace is the breath of God—an invisible essence beyond intellect that moves swiftly amongst us,” teaches Caroline Myss.

Is it possible to become a living conduit of this powerful force? “Not only is it possible,” suggests this bestselling author, “but grace is immediately accessible to you and everyone around you—through humility, devotion, and the courage to follow divine guidance.” With Channeling Grace you are invited to ascend to what Myss calls the “altitude of the mystics” and invoke this expansive energy in your life.

In session one, Myss explains how to recognize grace in your life by describing some of the countless ways we experience it—both internally as a sudden insightful voice, and externally as synchronicity in the world.

In session two, she offers a full set of specific invocations to contact grace directly, navigate your path in times of chaos, gain clarity and direction in your life, and heal yourself or others.

“Grace is as real and tangible as sparkling sand on the beach,” teaches Myss. “It’s ready to dramatically transform your life at any time—if you are willing to acknowledge and embrace it.”

On Channeling Grace, this renowned teacher offers her expert guidance to help you maintain a steadfast connection to the illuminating divine phenomenon she calls grace.

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Through the visualization techniques on this audio program, Louise L. Hay creates a safe atmosphere so that you can forgive others and love the child within you. Your inner childs depends on you for the love and approval that you may not have received when you were a child. Going within and learning to love and comfort that inner child will bring many wonderful changes to the quality of your life.

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