Anger releasing visualisation with Louise Hay.

This took me by surprise, I had put it on my phone and didn’t have anything else to listen to that night. I was slightly resistant, continued in anyway. I fell asleep by the third person (you have the opportunity to work with 5 people)

The next morning my back was more supple than it has been for years, and has been releasing more and more ever since. I measure it by doing Halasana and Karnapidasana. It is amazing how much we hold in our bodies subconsciously and how this influences us daily.

This might just give you an idea how related your yoga practice is to emotional release. Something that I have discovered is vitally important to do. Our society does not condone openness with emotions and even from childhood frowns upon the release of aggression, anger, resentment, fear and weakness. We are never taught how to release our emotions in a healthy and conducive way.

These suppressed emotions eventually lead to terminal or debilitating illnesses.

I am sharing with you this meditation, for the love of mankind and because of requests from my students, Click HERE.

Also available here on youtube.

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