Grandmother Robin Youngblood

Visits South Africa yearly and you can join her for soul retrievals, shamanic journeys and dancing next year again.

It was a beautiful experience of shamanic learning. In yoga we often speak about remembering ourselves (smrit) and I learnt this weekend that when we have become fragmented, dismembered, we can journey and find parts of ourselves and return them back home. Parts that have left during difficult times of trauma, abuse and shock. And we can call this remembering. It was just such a moment of realising the significance of our language.

The water ceremony was beautiful, honouring the spirit of water and praying for the healing of waters of the world. Praying for the mindfulness of mankind, of the connectedness of all life. It has been proven by Masaru Emoto that the water recrystallines during the ceremony.

Prayer to the Water Spirit

Contact Jenny for any info.

Listening for the needs behind the words, will heal the world.

Grandmother Robin Youngblood

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