Hi Jeanette,

Thanks for opening a whole new world to me with yoga. All your time and effort, during every class, is what makes it impossible to miss a class. You are a great yoga teacher! When I get home after yoga and my body reached the ability do be able to do a new pose that day, I demonstrate it to my husband and he finds it very entertaining. I never thought (at my age) that I would be able to do handstands and backbends – Keep teaching, it’s you given talent!!! I am addicted!!

Yoga is just amazing. It’s a gift from India to the world. Yoga Wisdom is an awesome studio to come to if you wish to experience yoga and start a journey of freeing your mind and self discovery.

Doing private classes has given me the ability to ask as many questions as I like. It is such a great gift to be able to ask anything,  “why am I feeling what I am feeling in my body” without the concern of taking up others’ class time.

Being able to focus a full hour on understanding what my body is telling me and how to give it is an amazing feeling. Jeanette is able to take the time to listen to what I am saying and help me apply it without needing to follow the classes’ “routine”. I am grateful for how well she does this!
She is always a great support in group classes, however, now I get to repeat the exercise as many times with her watching every move and assisting with the finer details of the movement.
Jeanette is a superb and fun teacher which makes me love having her all to myself :).

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