Connective Healing

The possibilities are endless

An intuitive meditation & energy enhancement technique working with prana(qi) channeled and guided in a space of unconditional love by the upper planes (lokas).

These are of the things you can do
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Love & Peace

Opening and entering into a higher vibration of unconditional love, recognising, remembering the truth, brings us into a state of relaxation, trust & power. In this connected space is where transformation & change happens instantaneously.

Energetic Awakening

Awakening to the Spiritual bodies, opening and balancing the chakra system. Feel energised, renewed and powerful.

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Divine Connection

We are able to connect with our Guides, Higher Self, Soul self and God Self tangibly. Recreating trust of self and connection with self enabling channeling the wisdom of our Higher Essence into this 3-dimensional reality.

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Physical Health

Physical ailments and medical conditions are assisted with quantum touch and energetic alignment. Removing emotional imbalances and subconscious patterns.

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Spreading wings

Transforming limiting beliefs and conditioned programs from all levels through time and space. Downloading new patterns to allow you to soar into your unique vastness and beauty and enjoy your unique creativity.

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Balance & Harmony

Bringing the electromagnetic system into balance, as well as the energyfield on other planes of existence. Connecting these all the energy bodies so that we can draw on the power of all of ourself.

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DNA activation

Awakening dormant parts of our spiritual DNA from the quantum level, uplifting you to a higher level of consciousnness, awakening your psychic senses. Be more resistant to environmental imbalances.

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Sacred Geometry Activation

Reconnecting Divine Order in the crystalline structure, realigning the sacred geometry on the quantum field. Aligning heart, mind and spirit to Source.

Times available to choose from for

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R650 (90min)
A session that includes conversation to see where a problem can be originating from and then allowing the healing to be guided in that direction.

R400 (60min)
An energetic intuitive healing session, relaxing and connective where blockages are cleared and energetic alignments done deeply connected.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Early Morning

When connecting and allowing love to heal
becomes a space I yearn


one enters into a space filled with unconditional love, it is a beautiful experience. The journey into healing began with a deep desire to heal and channel, connecting to something beyond. Practicing Yoga opened the door in realising that there are tremendous tools to initiate the natural innate ability for the body to heal and the mind to change. My love for movement and energy connection allowed me to incorporate these methods into a system of energy healing. The basis of the healing is allowing access into the quantum field with altered state of consciousness (meditation)

My studies in healing modalities comprise of.... Qi Gong, Tai chi, Family Constellations, Applied Kinesiology, Quantum Touch, Reiki Masters, Trance Medium Healing, TRE (trauma release exercise), EFT (emotional freedom technique) Sat Nam Rasayan, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression (beyond quantum healing), Theta Healing, Light Language & channeling.

As we remember who we are, we release that, that no longer serves as we awaken to our true essence and love, becoming whole again.

The healing space is always a blessing to experience and share, spiritual energy flowing through as we are both held in absolute high vibrational love and peace.